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guilty beauty love ---- [ m e d i a ]'s Journal
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Below are the 2 most recent journal entries recorded in guilty beauty love ---- [ m e d i a ]'s LiveJournal:

Monday, June 18th, 2007
9:46 am
Hi Everyone,

I really love this song. Mamo's voice is always gentle and sweet :) This song is taken from the drama CD of TOKIMEKI MEMORIAL ONLYLOVE. I can only find the song online. Does anyone know where I can download the song?

Enjoy the song online from:
Monday, December 25th, 2006
12:30 pm
[announcement] welcome to the guilty beauty love [media] community.

please post here before joining. this way, we can identify those that read the rules. :D thank you, and we hope you'll enjoy your stay! it is also advisable to friend the community so that we'll be on your f-list and you can be informed immediately once we update!

now that you have read the rules and posted here, :D click here to join:

and now to friend us:

:D so why join this community? XD to get everything you've ever wanted on miyano mamoru. :D we have all of his discography, paku romi and miyano mamoru no pokegoe fight radio shows, koutetsu sangokushi shows and more! over 20 medias have been uploaded!

[edit] as of 6.26 am, 21th february 2007
there are 13 lj users who didn't read the rules carefully before joining, i'll list them down, so that they'll know of it. so be sure to read the rules, and re-apply!

akaki_kokoro - didn't post here
datdai - didn't post here
lilithelene - didn't post here
nneko - didn't post here
molkita - friended the comm only, didn't post here and didn't join
sara_miko - friended the comm only, didn't post here and didn't join
kraha - didn't post here
tsumasaki - didn't post here
daisenseisama - didn't post here
oz1311 - didn't post here
waka_laka - didnt post here
mymt - didn't post here
only_sweeter - didn't post here

and to those of you that is still nut approved, but posted here already, it means that you didn't read the rules ;D


this post will be updated often!

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